OSE-Expertises: Forensic laboratory, Diagnosis and On-site Interventions in the context of emergencies and litigation (amicable, contentious, judiciary...)


This service is exclusively dedicated to professionals: Magistrates, Judicial Police Officers, Judicial Experts, Lawyers, Bailiffs, etc.
We recommend that private individuals who would like us to intervene should contact a bailiff who may be able to commission us to carry out an inspection.


Our department, which specialises in chemical expertise, is regularly commissioned by magistrates and judicial police officers in the context of judicial expertise and also as an expert witness by judicial experts.


OSE Services offers its technical analysis resources to forensic experts and court officials.

Tailor-made training: knowledge of chemical materials and compounds, their nature, the chemical risks inherent in their properties.

Example of possible training courses :

Chemical risk assessment:

  • "Handling of chemicals, chemical risks and regulations"
  • "Chemical risk assessment: "Understanding and anticipating..."

Physical and chemical analysis techniques:

  • "Non-destructive techniques in situ in mobile laboratories"
  • "Non-destructive testing and analysis methods"

Expertise: research into the origins of a technical incident, chemical risk assessment

OSE has a wealth of experience in assisting the legal services and NRBC.

We also offer our assistance in :

  • Adapted chemical risk assessment (e.g. plastics workshop)
  • Research into the origin of a chemical incident
  • Advice on the most relevant physical and chemical measurements and analyses to be carried out
  • Understanding of scientific and technical reports

With the support of a network of specialist consultants, OSE is able to offer tailor-made training.

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Areas of activity of our consultancy services:

  • Design, Research and Innovation ;
  • Production, Industrial Safety ;
  • Prevention, Risk Management; Continuous Improvement
  • Legal fields

Diagnostics: advice, audit, R&D support, consulting

OSE supports you in :

  • Your research and development projects (technical studies, validation and development of methods, materials studies),
  • The creation of innovative products (sourcing, bibliographic studies, feasibility studies, training, audit)
  • Search for the cause of a process anomaly

At OSE-expertises, a dedicated contact person is available to listen to you in Paris (Ile de France), Lyon - Grenoble - Annecy (Rhône Alpes) and Geneva (French-speaking Switzerland).

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