At OSE Services, R&D projects are being launched, focusing on the research and development of in situ analysis techniques and methods using portable instruments to detect counterfeits in the fields of Industry and Art


This service is dedicated to professionals wishing to benefit from R&D support and/or future partners wanting to form a consortium and develop collaborative R&D projects.


At OSE Services, the R&D department develops physicochemical analysis techniques and methods for detecting counterfeit products in the fields of Industry and Art. In order to maintain our competitiveness, we have continuously relied on technological innovations, processes, and services.

The issues at the core of our expertise are multiples. For its R&D projects, OSE Services builds interdisciplinary consortia, composed internally of highly specialized chemistry doctors and engineers from academic backgrounds, associated with renowned public and private collaborators, in order to propose innovative solutions to address the challenges of green chemistry as well as the preservation of our cultural heritage.


We accompany you by offering:

  • Strong support from our expertise, services, and innovative technological analysis devices
  • Strategic orientation for your projects through holistic, structuralist, and systemic approaches
  • Support in the development of your R&D projects by identifying scientific and technological challenges, as well as solutions and partners to help overcome these identified barriers
  • Customized monitoring throughout our services, tailored to the specific issues and stage of progress of the projects
  • Assistance in the funding application process for your R&D projects


  • Development of innovative and efficient analytical means of deployment on site or in our laboratory
  • Expertise in analytical, materials and green chemistry
  • Expertise in recycled plastic and textile materials
  • Expertise in counterfeints of artworks of the cultural and archaeological heritage

Research: bibliographic study and state of art, active monitoring, drafting and proofreading works, knowledge transfer from collaborative projects

Development: identification and removal of scientific and technological barriers, development and transfer of new technological methods

Innovation: generation of new ideas adapted to situations of use


  • Support and coordination of regional, national and international projects of excellence: ArtDetect, REHSTRAIN, InBioSynSolv, BiosuccInnovali...
  • Funding planning: ANR, HORIZON2020, R&D Booster...
  • Interdisciplinary network: strategic alliance and cooperative relationship with privileged partners from both universities and enterprises in support of innovation
  • Proactive management driving by prospective reflection
  • Active in Axelera, competitiveness cluster in Environmental Chemistry, and in-Thésame, Centre of Technical Expertise & Innovation



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To accompany you in the best conditions, OSE Services, certified as a Young Innovative Company (JEI), is approved for French Research Tax Credit (CIR), which entitles you to tax deductions on our Research & Innovation services.


OSE Services is approved for the Research and Innovation Tax Credit since 2019 and its approval has been renewed until 2025.


OSE Services has implemented for several years a Quality and Safety Management system that perfectly meets our clients' requirements according to the ISO 9001 standards.

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