Specialists (Conservators, restirators, Forensic Scientists) are faced with real technical challenges when it comes to safeguarding cultural heritage. It is now essential for you, the professionals, to be able to count on quality technical support.

We intervene on site (mobile laboratory): non destructive analysis, physico-chemical analyses and measurements, micro-sampling...


This service is exclusively dedicated to professionals: Museums, Foundations, Justice, Curators, Restorers, Archaeologists, Magistrates, Judicial Police Officers, Forensic Experts, etc. We do not deal with the problems of private individuals and we do not appraise Works of Art for sale.

Restoration: support for a chemical analysis laboratory for works of art

  • Analysis of the pictorial material (varnish, binder, colorants, inks, synthetic and natural pigments...)
  • Analysis of contemporary, modern materials (synthetic, rubber, plastics, polymers, etc.)
  • Analysis of the support (paper, canvas, wood, copper, bronze, glass...) : radiography, imaging, tomography
  • Analysis of alloys (bronze, brass...) and precious metals (gold, silver, precious stones...) by SEM-EDX
  • Diagnosis and advice: testing of new products (deformation, aging, resistance, impact of mixtures, etc.)

Advice and training for professionals in the field of cultural heritage protection and the art market

Preventive conservation of works of art: monitoring and chemical analysis of pollutants

  • Ambient air analysis: identification of chemical pollutants
  • Analysis of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds...)
  • On-site intervention: chemical analyses, measurements and sampling
  • Sources of pollution: diagnosis and advice

Metal analysis: diagnosis, identification of alloys, study of protective layers, corrosion study 


  • On-site analysis of metals (by XRF fluorescence, FTIR infrared spectrometry, microscopic analysis...);
  • Research of the causes of corrosion;
  • Study of the nature of the corrosion layers (copper, bronze, silver, alloys...);
  • Study of the nature of the alloy, research of traces by ICP-MS, isotopic signature...

Forensics - Artistic forgery

The justice services are facing crucial challenges, as more and more fraud attempts are appearing. OSE-art intervenes in the framework of judicial expertises:

  • Authenticity of works
  • Material studies: comparison with reference works / dating (carbon 14 dating, lead white...)
  • Technical support: evaluation of the consequences of accidental or intentional incidents.
  • Training: "The means of implementation in the detection of artistic forgeries by laboratories of expertise and analysis of works of art".

At OSE-art, a dedicated contact person is available in Paris (Ile de France); Lyon- Grenoble- Annecy (Rhône Alpes) and Geneva (French-speaking Switzerland).

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