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Chemical laboratory analysis techniques

OSE services offers a wide range of chemical analyses. The instruments are the latest generation, reliable and have a rich reference base. With its network of specialised partners, OSE is committed to providing a complete and an adapted answer to your issues.


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On-site Interventions

A mobile physico-chemical analysis laboratory and non-destructive testing facilities at your disposal.

Thanks to its portable chemical analysis instruments and measurement equipments that can be quickly be deployed on your site, the response is immediate with the same quality assurance concern of chemical analysis laboratories.


The means  The applications

Chemical analysis :

  • Fourier transform infrared, Raman, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Coming soon: X-ray diffraction

Characterisation of organic materials:

Polymers, paint, dye, pigment, oil, plastic, resin, glue, adhesive, fibre, active ingredient, matrix, surface defect....

Characterisation of minerals, inorganic compounds:

Pigment, filler, metals, elemental analysis, heavy metal traces, crystal system, gemstones

Direct measurements :

  • Portable gas detector (electrochemical cells)
  • Colorimetric test kit (pH, chemical compounds)
  • Rapid dosing kit

Detection of toxic products (solid, liquid, gas):

Acids (mineral and organic), sulphur compounds, nitrates, phosphorus, oxygen measurement,

Water quality, aqueous solution:

pH, water purity, carbonate hardness, chlorides,

Aluminium (Al), Iron (Fe II - Fe III), Copper (Cu), Chlorine, Nitrates (NO3-) ...

Sampling :


  • Sampling strategy
  • Liquid and solid sampling techniques depending on the nature of the compound (organic, mineral, oil, adhesive, etc.)
  • Gases: active or passive sampling according to the compound, canisters

Trace and ultra-trace detection:

Identification of volatile organic compounds, release agents, traces of polluting compounds (hydrocarbons, mercury, lead, nickel, arsenic...)

Complex surveys:

Validation of the identification on site, complete deformation study, determination of organic and inorganic chemical compounds.


Examination, measurement and control

Our services also include scientific imaging facilities for the non-destructive observation, inspection and measurement of objects, materials and products:

At OSE Services, a dedicated contact is available for our European and UK clients : in Paris (Ile de France), Lyon-Grenoble-Annecy (Rhône Alpes) and Geneva (French-speaking Switzerland).

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