OSE-industries : Expertise and Chemical Analysis Laboratory  On-Site Intervention

Today, product quality monitoring is an essential step in the marketing, as customers expects a flawless product. Pollution, impurities, defaults or technical incidents are all unforeseen events inherent to the industry.

It is essential for you today to be able to count on technical support able to establish a reliable diagnosis within a short time.


This service is dedicated to industrial companies, consultants and consultancies. It is not our role to respond to the problems of private individuals.

Services & Physico-chemical analyses

OSE offers to provide emergency support in the search for the origin of a technical incident, on non-transportable compounds, in the context of research and development or continuous improvement studies.

Sectors of activity

  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, health and medical device industries
  • Plastics, metal, steel, concrete industry
  • Textile and paper industry
  • Food industry
  • Space, automotive, arms and energy industry
  • GreenMarketing: Biosourced label, biodegradability study...

OSE takes care of :


  • On-site pre-diagnosis (observations, context, measurement and analysis strategy)
  • Reception of samples
  • Analyses in partnership with public and private laboratories: click here to see our internal and partner resources
  • Chemical expertise, interpretation of data
  • Drafting of a technical report that responds precisely to your needs.

Expertise & Interventions :

Control of chemical materials and compounds, from their nature to the chemical risks inherent to their property.

OSE-industries intervenes in the event of litigation or accidental or intentional chemical incidents

We also intervene in cases of counterfeiting within the framework of amicable litigation and judicial expertise.

At OSE-Industries, a dedicated contact person is available in Europe, UK, Paris (Ile de France), Lyon, Grenoble and Annecy (Rhône Alpes) and Geneva (French-speaking Switzerland).


Thanks to adapted analysis techniques, we can :

You wish to :

What about the end of life of your bioproducts ? OSE SERVICES can help you with biodegradability and compostability tests.

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