Violaine de Villemereuil, Expert Judiciaire / Forensic Expert

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Violaine de Villemereuil, Expert Judiciaire / Forensic Expert

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Today it is the turn of Violaine DE VILLEMEREUIL our General Director to be presented!

Violaine de VILLEMEREUIL is an engineer who graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Chemistry, Physics, Electronics of Lyon (CPE) since 2005.

She also has a University Diploma in forensics from the University of Paris Descartes (2010)

and training in Art History (L2, Lille III University).

She has worked within several large Pharmaceutical Research Groups

such as GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) in England on the synthesis and chemical characterization of new active ingredients

and Becton Dickinson in Grenoble in the formulation of emergency pre-filled injectables which gave rise to numerous patents

She thus acquired expertise in physicochemical analyzes and in this context had to manage several international R&D programs and the development of formulations and analysis methods.

His second hat, with several experiences in Specialized Laboratories, is the Study of Works of Art.

She has notably worked in institutions such as:

the C2RMF (Research and Restoration Center for Museums of France)

or the SIK-ISEA Institute (Zurich, Switzerland),

and the ORMYLIA institute (Thessaloniki, Greece)

In 2008 she won the Technical and Scientific Police Engineer competition.

She worked as a Group Leader in the False Documents and Papillary Traces Department within the Paris Scientific Police Laboratory, then as an Engineer in the Chemical Risk Intervention, Unknown Products Section, where she had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge portable and transportable equipment for In Situ analyses.

She has been a Judicial Expert at the Paris Court of Appeal since 2015 in Chemistry:

particularly in the field of Criminalistics in fine specialties

“Artistic Fake”

and “Physico-Chemical Analyzes”

and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Investigation is his passion!

She now manages the company OSE Services and is based in Paris.

References: Example of physicochemical analysis services in a legal and/or research and development context.

 High Courts: Paris, Castres, Rennes, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Evry, Versailles...

 Art: Musée des Beaux Art de Lyon, de Chambéry, Musée d’Orsay, Musée des Beaux art de Besançon, Musée Dali, Musée Bourdelle, technical support from curators and restorers (Lyon, Paris, etc.) from Fondation Privé (Bemberg, Louis Vuitton…)

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